Looking for Part-Time Language Teachers

If you can teach English, ASL, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, or ANY OTHER LANGUAGE please send a small introduction and your resume to [email protected] We have part-time (possibly turning into full-time) opportunities available. If you live in or around Framingham MA this is a plus, however we also accept applications from other locations. Looking […]

The Meanings of “GET” in English

THE VERB “TO GET” TO GET can be used in a number of patterns and has a number of meanings. Below are the most common:   TO GET + DIRECT OBJECT = TO OBTAIN, TO RECEIVE, TO BUY I got my passport last week. (to obtain) She got her driving license last week. (to obtain) They got permission to live in Switzerland. […]

Beginner Portuguese Language Class

Beginner Portuguese Group Class starting mid-November at Adi’s Language School in Framingham, MA. The schedule will be once a week for 2 hours, and we are still determining the exact day and time. No registration fee. If you would like to register, please contact us with your full name, and days/times you would be available […]

Another vs. Other in English

My students recently asked me to explain the difference between Another and Other in English. I can see how the usage of these words can be confusing because they are very close in meaning, and here is my clarification on the topic:   Another Is an adjective describing a singular nonspecific countable noun or pronoun. […]

The Verbs SAY/TELL/TALK/SPEAK in English

When it comes to the verbs SAY/TELL/TALK/SPEAK in English, many students go like this:  . Since the learners are our inspiration for this blog, the following is meant to help them use the four verbs correctly and understand them better in context.   The verbs SAY/TELL/TALK and SPEAK are very similar, however most of the […]

Subject/Object Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives in English

Subject/object pronouns and possessive adjectives such as I, me, my, they, them, their are a common source of confusion for English students. The following will categorize and explain the usage of these words in context so that they are easier to understand. Pronouns and Adjectives Let’s first clarify what pronouns and adjectives are. Pronouns are generally short […]