Beginner Italian Class

Beginner Italian Group Class starting September 13th at Adi’s Language School in Framingham, MA. The schedule will be once a week on Fridays for 2 hours 10AM-12PM.  Alternate days/times available on demand. No registration fee. Online classes also available on demand. If you would like to register, please contact us as soon as possible at […]

Quantifiers in English – a lot, many, much, (a) few, (a) little

What would our English classes be without learning how to use the Quantifiers correctly? A lot, many, much, (a) few, (a) little, hmmmm…so many choices, how do we know when to use each one? Let’s look at them together:   A LOT A lot can pretty much be used with any noun (and most verbs, […]

Through vs. To/Until in English

When talking about a period of time or a time limit in English, when do we use Through and when do we use To or Until? And what is the difference between these prepositions, if any? First, let’s look at them separately:   Through In North America, through means up to and including (a particular […]

Looking for Part-Time Language Teachers

If you can teach English, ASL, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, or ANY OTHER LANGUAGE please send a small introduction and your resume to [email protected] We have part-time (possibly turning into full-time) opportunities available. If you live in or around Framingham MA this is a plus, however we also accept applications from other locations. Looking […]