¿Qué hora es? How to tell time in Spanish

¿Qué hora es?

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  What time is it?


Sometimes, we use es la or es and the time of day. Es la or es is singular.
Es la una. = It is 1:00.
Es mediodía. = It is noon.
Es medianoche. = It is midnight.

Most of the time, we use son las and the time of day. Son las is plural.
Son las dos. = It is 2:00.
Son las tres. = It is 3:00.
…and so on.

To tell the number of minutes past the hour, use y followed by the number of minutes.

Es la una y cinco. = It is 1:05.

Son las dos y diez. = It is 2:10.


In order to say 15 minutes past the hour, or “a quarter hour,” we say cuarto.

Por ejemplo:  Son las seis y cuarto. = It is 6:15.

In order to say 30 minutes past the hour, or “half hour,” we say media.

Por ejemploSon las siete y media. = It is 7:30.

If the time is between 31 and 59 minutes past the hour, follow these steps:

  1. Go up to the next hour  (for example, if it is 6:44, the next hour is…?)
  2. Figure out the number of minutes until the next hour. (for example, if it is 6:44, there are 16 minutes until 7)
  3. Use “menos instead of “y” to indicate that your are subtracting minutes. (ej., Son las siete menos dieciséis.)

Un ejemplo: 9:32

1.The next hour after 9:32 is ____.  En español, we start with ___________.

2. How many minutes are there until the next hour? _________

3. Put it together! Remember to say “menos” for minus. __________________________

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