Take vs. Get in English

Take vs. Get in English

What is the difference between TAKE and GET in English? When do we use one or the other?

TAKE generally means to CARRY/ MOVE from one place to another.

  • Can you take the kids to school today? 
  • Take an umbrella. It’s raining.
  • Can you take my shirt to the dry-cleaner?
  • Don’t forget to take your driving license with you.

GET usually means to RECEIVE/ OBTAIN.

  • I got some flowers. (I received some flowers. Someone gave me some flowers)
  • How much do you get for looking after Jane’s children?
  • Did you get the tickets?
  • I think you should get a new job.


Another difference is that TAKE implies that you may take something from another person who may give the object willingly or not so willingly. GET means that something was voluntarily given to you. For example:

My mom takes my phone when I don’t do my homework. (She takes my phone although I don’t want her to)

I always take some food from my friend’s lunch bag. (I take it because I want to, whether my friend lets me or not)


I get my phone after I do my homework. (My mom willingly gives me my phone after I do my homework)

I always get some food from my friend’s lunch bag. (My friend willingly lets me have some food from his/her lunch bag)


A third difference is that when you TAKE an object from someone, you choose or pick the object.  If you GET something from somebody, the choice is up to the giver. For example:

Do you have more of those scarves?  I will take the pink one.  (I choose the pink one)

I usually get nice presents for Christmas. (Someone else chooses my present, not me)


TAKE and GET also have an active and passive meaning, respectively:

I plan to take my girlfriend to the movie theatre on Friday.

You always get a ride from your mother.

The difference lies in the action taken by the speaker of the sentence and what is done to him/her. In the first sentence, the subject is involved in doing the action of taking someone somewhere. In the second sentence, the subject is not involved in the action as it is the other person, the mother, who is doing the actual action of driving the subject to a place.



Fill in the blanks with TAKE or GET:

  1. They normally ______ good grades in school.
  2. You _________ your medicine from the pharmacy close to your house.
  3. Don’t just ____________ the candy, you need to ask if you can first.
  4. I will ___________ the red car, this is my choice.
  5. When she _______ a new job, she will be happier.
  6. My sister ________ my clothes whenever she wants without my permission.



  1. get, 2. get, 3. take, 4. take, 5. gets, 6. takes

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