Subject/Object Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives in English

Subject/object pronouns and possessive adjectives such as I, me, my, they, them, their are a common source of confusion for English students. The following will categorize and explain the usage of these words in context so that they are easier to understand.

Pronouns and Adjectives

Let’s first clarify what pronouns and adjectives are.

Pronouns are generally short words that replace a noun (object, person, idea). For example, instead of saying Maria is a good girl., you can replace the noun Maria with the pronoun She, as in She is a good girl. The pronouns are used to avoid repetition and to speed up communication.

Adjectives are words that describe a noun. For example, in the sentence above, Maria is a good girl., the adjective is the word good because it describes the noun girl.


Subject Pronouns

Subject pronouns are a category of pronouns that serve as the Subject in the sentence. The Subject is the person or object that does the action of the Verb.

For example, in the sentence You love me., you is the subject pronoun and love is the verb

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